Himida El Houssein

Stores Superintendent

The 18+ Program was much diversified and interesting; it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas about time management, problem solving, conflict management, motivation, effective communication, planning, values and leadership.

The fact of having all managers and supervisors from different departments sitting together has enabled us to identify our site’s weakness and opportunities and to share a clear overview of the challenges and expectations. We learned that leadership is not a position; it is a mind-set, behaviour and values.

Investing in management skills

We’ve developed a range of management programs to help local employees develop the skills necessary to build successful careers as managers and leaders within this business. They are built around providing practical examples and behaviors that direct our business – being Bolder, Smarter and Driven.

  • 18+ is about applied leadership skills with the objective that participants become more resilient, determined and energized with practical ways forward for the trickiest problems. It helps managers with decision-making, focusing on three critical steps:
    1. Spotting issues and opportunities and the need for action
    2. Planning the right action to take
    3. Leading teams to deliver a successful conclusion.
  • Basic Management Skills (POLC) helps supervisors acquire the required knowledge and skills to perform basic supervision and middle management duties in a safe and effective manner, with special emphasis on planning, leading, organizing and controlling tasks and teams.
  • Problem solving skills are also covered in our Quantum programs to help managers drive continuous improvement in our operations, an important aspect of all supervisors’ and managers’ work.
  • Our creative thinking training includes discussions on the differences between creative and analytical thinking. It also addresses brainstorming techniques, and demonstrates how to apply cause-and-effect analysis and provides participants with a number of decision-making models.
  • With an international team of people working at MCM, understanding and working with different cultures is an important part of being a manager. We have a training program that addresses cultural diversity in the workplace which equips learners with the knowledge and skills to understand cultural differences and how to use this knowledge to enhance performance.
  • Our time management course gives employees tips on managing time in specific business situations to ensure work is completed and our business is effective.
  • Our finance training for non-financial managers helps participants develop their knowledge of basic financial systems. In particular it explains those used within MCM and how they relate to the systems used across First Quantum. Training includes explanations of general business finance concepts, the interaction between funding, sales, customers and quality, and also the terminology used for financial measurement and analysis.