First aid and CPR training

MCM provides site employees with basic first aid training to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide immediate preliminary first aid. The training includes demonstrating to employees how to conduct CPR, an important life skill that can save lives. The emphasis of the training is practical application and use in everyday life. It is appropriate for any non-medical person.

Fully prepared to respond in emergencies

MCM operates on a continuous basis and the emergency response procedure is organized for initiation and response, when required. Our procedure is periodically reviewed, to ensure maintain system preparedness and readiness to respond quickly should an emergency arise. Our emergency planning includes arrangements with third party emergency service providers.

MCM has a fully functional Emergency Response Team (ERT), with highly trained members covering the site 24/7.


  • In our emergency procedures we’ve established:
    • Who takes charge when an emergency occurs
    • The actions employees should take
    • How buildings should be evacuated
    • Where hazardous materials are located and how they should be dealt with
    • Who notifies the emergency services
    • What specific actions need to be taken to facilitate responses to emergency services
    • Which statutory bodies and neighbours we need to inform and what action needs to be taken in relation to these stakeholders
    • How we protect vital records and equipment
    • How we have access to necessary information during an emergency
  • Each time we review our procedure we identify all potential risks and possible consequences.
  • We regularly train our employees for emergency situations and practice the procedures we have put in place.