Sharing knowledge on health and safety

A number of Health and Safety Communication forums have been introduced to MCM, including the monthly town hall meetings and site Safety Committees covering all areas of the site. Other communication channels include our Site Safety Manuals available in three languages and Communication Bulletin Boards at key locations throughout the site and accommodation.

Health and safety management and training

The health and safety management system (HSMS) we use at MCM has been developed in line with industry best practice. It enables us to identify and control health & safety risks of our employees and contractors; learn from our experiences; and improve on performance. This is achieved via inclusion and sustentation of the following initiatives in our HSMS throughout 2015-2016.

  • Employment of dedicated health and safety staff, who are trained to identify and manage health & safety risks; and ensure every employee, understands MCM’s health & safety policy and risk management system.

  • Adherence to the standards and requirements prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001, which specifies a framework of continual improvement.

  • Continual improvement, which is achieved through establishment of clear policy, active planning, effective implementation and operation, checks and corrective action, and management review. This is known as the Plan-Check-Do review cycle (see below):

When planning, we:

Identify and understand all legal obligations; define our policy; ensure management commitment; and establish a system for identifying hazards, assessing risks and implementing control measures.

When implementing a system, we:

Establish roles and responsibilities; develop procedures for the consultation and communication of health and safety information to employees and other stakeholders; document processes and develop a system of document and data control; apply a system of operational control; and establish plans and procedures for emergencies.

Our system of checking and corrective action means, we:

Introduce performance, measuring and monitoring practices; establish and document responsibility and authority for accidents, incidents, non-conformities and corrective and preventative action; establish a procedure for records and records management; audit and assess the performance of our management system; and perform management reviews of the system at identified and defined intervals.

Our focus on continuous improvement means, we:

Train employees, contractors and other stakeholders who visit and operate on our site on how to manage the risks that are specific to their individual roles; engage everyone in the policy and best practices that apply to our mining operations as a whole; designate responsibility and authority for achieving objectives to relevant functions and individuals; and set clear time frames for when objectives must be achieved by.

  • Our company is committed to ensuring availability of resources essential to establish, implement, maintain and improve our OHSAS management system. This includes human resources and specialized skills, organizational infrastructure and technology and financial resources.
  • If any major changes take place to working practices, processes or equipment, we undertake new risk assessment exercises to establish what risk management processes are required which are new or additional to those already in place.