Direct involvement of our safety department

Our safety department is involved in all site activities on a daily basis, including attendance at production and pre-start meetings for the mine and mill, where health and safety is the first topic of discussion. Work area inspections are carried out every day and weekly safety meetings take place with every department. Members of the safety department track actions to ensure all safety concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Safety Officers also help workers perform their work in a safe manner by ensuring they have the correct PPE and work permits.

Employee involvement in health and safety

In addition to training our employees in the policy and practices that will help ensure their health and safety at work, we encourage the use of common sense and share their experiences. We also encourage employees to be actively involved in the department Safety Committees, become members of the Emergency Response team and participate in fire and first aid training.


  • When we train our employees in health and safety, we show them how to take an active role in the control of health and safety risks. We tell them that everyone is trusted to do their jobs and that MCM prioritizes good thinking over paperwork.
  • We also focus on providing practical examples from across the group, which show the good health and safety practices in place, as well as the near misses that have occurred.
  • Knowledge of near misses helps employees prevent similar incidents occurring and demonstrates the importance of everyone sharing their experiences.
  • Our training takes into account differing levels of responsibility, ability, language skills, literacy and risk, and is designed to match the different operational roles each employee has.
  • We assess individuals to ensure that they have understood the potential for incidents to happen and have acquired the skills to prevent or reduce the risks.
  • We keep records of employees’ training and competency.
    • Take the time
    • Highlight the hazard
    • Identify what could go wrong
    • Necessary actions been taken
    • Keep safety first