Investing in Akjoujt General Hospital

Working in partnership with the Mauritanian government, MCM has rehabilitated Akjoujt General Hospital, raising its capabilities and standards to the same level as the Mauritanian General Hospital.

Looking after employee health

MCM is situated in a remote area and we’re committed to ensuring our employees have access to appropriate health services. We have strategies in place to help prevent disease, respond in emergencies and deliver primary health care to MCM people.

  • Through our Site Health Plan we’ve determined the essential medical services required on site, how they should be organized and the facilities required to support them.
  • We’ve also established what constitutes fitness-for-work and the certification process. This helps to protect the health of employees by making sure they are not working when their health is poor.
  • Medical transportation guidelines have been defined which means quick transferal of employees is enabled if medical attention is required by an employee that can’t be provided on site.
  • We’ve created disease prevention and disease management guidelines which govern how we should try to protect our employees. They include information on how to engage employees in protecting themselves.
  • On an on-going basis we monitor and maintain the key community and occupational health requirements connected to MCM.
  • Emergency care and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries is provided to the entire workforce while on-site.
  • Medical care for dependents of Mauritanian employees is provided off-site through full cover medical insurance that MCM for all employees and their dependents and the medical services MCM has invested in within local communities.