Contributing to sports, arts, culture and religion

Getting involved by supporting various activities and initiatives in local sports, arts, religious and cultural events are an important way for MCM to become an active member of the community and to grow understanding of local customs and interests. 

  • The football is a popular sport in Inchiri as everywhere in Mauritania, MCM has been contributing to the fees of equipment and participation of soccer selected to represent Akjoujt in regional and national tournaments.
  • MCM has sponsored the local and national petanque teams, chess teams, national soccer team and many other sports activities.
  • MCM petanque team organizes a petanque tournament in Akjoujt every year which gathers more that 100 teams from Mauritania and Senegal.
  • MCM provided financial support to festivals of Akjoujt and Bennichab that highlight the culture of the region of Inchiri.