Widening and resurfacing of the Akjoujt-Nouakchott road

MCM commenced rehabilitation of the Akjoujt-Nouakchott road in 2010 and work was completed in 2013. The road is an important link between the capital, Nouakchott, and Inchiri Province. It was widened from six meters to seven meters to accommodate heavy traffic and to improve access to Akjoujt. The improved road will also help to reduce motor accidents.

The local population has benefitted considerably from reduced transport charges and a reduction in time spent on the road between Nouakchott and Akjoujt. In addition, some small businesses have begun to flourish as a result of the improved access between the two areas.

Developing legacy infrastructure

At MCM we work with our stakeholders to understand the infrastructure priorities in the region. This funding is in addition to the major investment we make in the infrastructure required to support the mine.

Our investments in infrastructure projects are designed to meet local communities’ requirements to improve their living conditions and create their best possible opportunities. Thus most of our investments in this area are related to the areas of health, sanitation, access to clean water and education.

  • Among the major projects we have funded include:
  • Renovating and widening the road of Nouakchott-Akjoujt.
  • The construction of 5 km of paved roads in Akjoujt and access way to Bennichab (joint financing with the government).
  • The rehabilitation of 340 houses in Akjoujt to improve MCM employees housing standard and enhance the aesthetics of the city and generating local income through small benefits.
  •  The renovation of Akjoujt hospital which began in 2009 and ended in 2010 has provided to populations access to diversified and efficient health services, better management of medical emergencies and health conditions is reassured to MCM employees and their families.
  • The rehabilitation of schools remains an important part of the legacy we want to leave for local communities for the benefit of education of future generations.