$2.5million hospital project

MCM started work on the rehabilitation and the extension of Akjoujt General Hospital in March 2009 and finished construction in November 2010. The facilities developed included 20 beds, a maternity ward, an operating theatre, x-ray and ultra sound facilities, a laboratory, dental facility, accommodation for doctors, a generator and an ambulance.

The hospital opened in May 2011 with a team of 22 medical staff including three doctors, two GPs and one general surgeon. MCM continued to support the hospital through equipment maintenance and hygiene and cleaning services with a total cost of $2.5million spent on the whole project.

Improving health and sanitation

Through our close involvement with local residents of Akjoujt and Bennichab, we know that improving health and sanitation is a key priority. Together we’re determining what to invest in, to ensure the healthcare facilities and advice communities have access to, are significantly improved.

  • In 2010 MCM undertook the general rehabilitation and equipment of the Regional Hospital of Akjoujt, and supported its management for 18 months; before being handed to the local health authorities. MCM has also built and equipped a health post in Bennichab.
  • MCM continues providing the services of a gynecologist as part of its support for the improvement of reproductive health in the region, which has significantly improved the rate of prenatal visits and delivery assisted on one hand and on the other hand, significantly reduced infant and maternal morbidity.
  • Aside from its constant support provided to vaccination campaigns, MCM has directly supported several initiatives to improve the health of local populations including the provision of medicines to medical caravans and training on HIV-AIDS.
  • With the countless positive direct and indirect impacts of its operation on the socio-economic conditions of local populations, MCM has improved the health wellbeing of thousands of poor households through better health coverage, access to drinking water and better income that impact the quantity and quality of household meals.
  • For sanitation, MCM provides to the Communes of Akjoujt and Bennichab subsidies for household waste management and heavy equipment for sanitation campaigns.