Former IGP, Electrical Superintendent

In September 2011, Houda Cheikh El Hassen joined the International Graduate Program (IGP). It’s a program she greatly recommends as she believes it expanded her outlook and gave her the opportunity to put her own ideas into practice. It also exposed her to challenging situations, requiring critical problem solving skills. She tackled each challenge with support from her mentor who was also able to help identify a training and career plan.

Since the IGP, Houda has held several different positions within the company, participated in various in-house training courses and travelled to Australia with the Commissioning Team to prepare some projects planning.

Houda excelled as an international graduate over two years she spent in Zambia where she gained lots of experience on operations which she uses to successfully lead plant electrical maintenance team here at MCM and which help to further her future career.

Our international and local graduate programs

University graduates join MCM through our International Graduate Program run by our parent company, First Quantum, and MCM’s Local Graduate Program. Recruits are given a broad range of opportunities and experiences to expand their skills in the world of mining industry.

  • The International Graduate Program (IPG) is the graduate starting point within First Quantum. Successful applicants undergo a two-to-three year development program. This gives them the work experience they need to convert the theory they learnt at university into practical skills.
  • A period of technical development lasts approximately one year and is focused on the graduate’s specialist field. This is followed by a project and special assignment work at First Quantum’s different operations.
  • After successful completion of the IGP, graduates may be offered employment within the company on a standard employment contract. Thereafter their advancement is dependent on their work performance.
  • Excellent performance within the Group is recognized in a number of ways including participation in the Group’s Accelerated Development Program (ADP). This program provides further career management and specific career development opportunities.
  • We currently have five Mauritanian graduates on the International Graduate Program (IPG).
  • Our Local Graduate Program (LGP) creates further opportunities for young Mauritanian graduates to develop and learn within our organization. During the two- year program they are exposed to real operations and given personal projects to work on. Participants also receive mentoring from senior employees who share their experience and insights into their high level responsibilities.
  • After successful completion of the two-year program graduates are either transferred to the IGP to give them international exposure within First Quantum, or promoted within their home country.
  • Participants in the LPG are local graduates with mining-related degrees from an international university. They are recruited through a series of interviews and tests to determine their skills and profile.

Zein Boba, one of 5 IGP’s at MCM, has joined the International Graduate Program in May 2015; he describes the program as a big opportunity that most companies around the world don’t provide to people. He is currently working on different projects with MCM engineering team which enables him practicing and learning in one time.

He believes that IGP develops his leadership and technical competences and he said “IGP is an accelerated opportunity to apply your learning, grow and take on responsibility”.