Support Courses Program 2021


 Education is recognized as one of the key factors contributing to communities’ progress and development and it requires a lot of efforts to create appropriate conditions that make it a success. Here in Akjoujt and over the past years, MCM, in cooperation with the regional department of education and with the administrative authorities, has been taking various initiatives to support both primary and secondary schools.

One of the most important of these initiatives is the support courses program funded by the company since the 2013-2014 school year, it provides supplementary courses for students of the final classes of primary and secondary levels in order to help them to prepare well in advance for national exams: entrance examination for the first year of secondary, the first cycle certificate and Baccalaureate.

Support courses program for the current school year was launched, at the beginning of May, in 13 primary schools and 2 high schools in Akjoujt and Bennichab districts. A total of 3,624 extra teaching hours will be presented to students.


Aboubekrine Elemine
Country Manager
Phone: 00 222 22 14 42 28

CSR Coordinator
Mohamed Nour M'beirik
Communications Coordinator
Phone: 00 222 22 14 43 36


Senior Community Relations Supervisor