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September 24, 2019 Akjoujt Eastern Dam Rehabilitation
The Akjoujt eastern dam is one of the oldest and largest dams in the state of Inchiri and is versatile in usage. In addition to its pivotal role in providing seasonal agricultural land to the local community, it also has other important roles in supplying groundwater grooves that feed some of the boreholes in its surroundings and protecting the city of Akjoujt from the floods caused by rainfalls. Due to the importance of this dam in the life of the local community, MCM undertook in August rehabilitation works, which included strengthening the dike, deepening the storage area and facilitating the flow of excess water to pass through the wadi of Alhadayegh without causing damage to the city....
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September 18, 2019 Vaccination Campaign
The ministry of health in Mauritania conducts at least two vaccination campaigns per year, these campaigns aim to protect children under 5 years from diseases like poliomyelitis. Reaching children in remote areas inside the region of Inchiri has always been a challenge for the vaccination teams, since 2006 to date, MCM enables vaccination campaigns reach every child inside the whole region of Inchiri by providing 4x4 vehicles and fuel during the whole campaign period (3-4 days).   A new vaccination campaign has been launched on July 29th 2019 with the usual logistics support provided by MCM....
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September 18, 2019 Watching African Cup of Nations Through a Giant Screen
For the first time in the history, Mauritanian national soccer team has qualified to play in the African Cup of Nations 2019 which took place in Egypt. Here in Akjoujt, there are hundreds of football lovers, most of whom are young people, who support The Mourabitounes. As a major local sports activities sponsor, MCM partnered with the Youth Associations Network to prepare a free access space at Youth House of Akjoujt with a giant HD screen. All matches of the continental competition were displayed and the attendance rate was very high.  ...
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