The supply of water to Akjoujt is the single largest contribution MCM makes to the community. We supply approximately 1,400 m3 of water per day directly to the town, variable depending on the time of year, and also deliver water to communities along the pipeline that carries it there.

Controlling use of water

Water plays an important part in the process of our mine and wherever possible we recover the water we’ve used to preserve the limited supply in the desert terrain we’re surrounded by. Ground water is continually monitored. A number of parameters are checked on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Surface water is monitored during the rainy season. All results are submitted to the government on a monthly basis.

  • Surface water is limited on site and only occurs seasonally. As a precautionary measure drainage ditches and bunds have been constructed to control any floodwaters. Surface water is collected around the site and town to prevent it from forming mosquito breeding areas.
  • Currently both fresh and saline water is pumped to the mine site from Bennichab, approximately 113 km from site.
  • The water source is from an underground sandstone aquifer approximately 100 M below ground surface. The extraction comes from three main wells and is then pumped to a central pump station at Bennichab.
  • No ground water is extracted at site.
  • We monitor and measure our use of water in operational activities with programmes that address surface and groundwater volumes and quality, as well as regular bacteria in potable water.
  • The current plan calls for the donation of the pipeline and associated installations to the Mauritanian Government upon closure.