Careful management of waste

We are committed to re-using and recycling materials as well as safe and responsible disposal of wastes and by-products from our operations. Waste rock produced from mining is a major impact we have to consider, as well as the waste generated from ore processing.

  • Waste rock generated by our mining activity is placed into stockpiles. The stockpiles are terraced to provide long term stability. Eventually the stockpiles will merge with the natural landscape, as natural desert blown sand is deposited on them.
  • Tailings from the copper process are routed to two circular dams of 2.5 km designed for this purpose and also for the recovery of process water.

  • Waste oil and grease are transported by a waste oil regeneration company.
  • General waste from the mine is buried in a designated landfill area located by the waste rock stockpiles.
  • Hazardous waste from the mining and milling activities is stored in a dedicated lined containment area.
  • Domestic waste from the camp goes to the local landfill in Akjoujt.