Effective reclamation of land

MCM has developed a reclamation and rehabilitation programme for land impacted by its mining operations which includes targets for protecting biodiversity.

  • Our aim with the reclamation and rehabilitation of land is re-establishing conservation values that existed prior to mining and addressing changes in aspects such as soil chemistry, typography and hydrogeological characteristics as necessary. Rehabilitation plan has already begun even before the closure of the mine; MCM considers completing gradually the site rehabilitation by the end of its mining activities.
  • We have completed the reclamation of the MORAK tailings storage facility located on the eastern edge of the mine site. The MORAK tailings pond is a legacy issue from a previous operator of the site during the 1990’s.
  •  The area of the MORAK dam has been re-vegetated with local bushes and grasses and it has started to match the surrounding landscape
  • The TORCO roast tailings areas are being reclaimed by flattening the tails areas and covering them with mine waste rock to combat wind and hydric erosion.