Managing air quality and dust

We monitor levels of dust in the air on a monthly basis, both inside and outside of the mine site boundary. Monitoring confirms whether particle matter is contained within the mine or if it migrates outside. Dust control is a part of our routine operations.

  • By nature the air in and around Akjoujt and within the mine contains dust. We’re operating in a sub-Saharan environment.
  • Ambient dust monitoring has been carried out to establish a baseline benchmark of the volume of dust in the air in the region and the particle matters it contains. The monthly findings from dust monitoring are compared to this benchmark.
  • MCM monitors for particle matter and fibreous amphibole. Results show that neither migrates outside of the mine site.
  • Dust from movement of vehicles and blasting actively adds to the amount of dust in the air.
  • We undertake dust suppression by watering (Dustex and water) the roads regularly with lignosulfonates. The water used for the dust suppression is often taken from the sump located in the open pit.