Magnetite project consultation

MCM held a public consultation in Akjoujt, the 13th August 2013, on the proposed development of a magnetite project; about 60 people from Akjoujt, Bennichab and El-Asma have attended the consultation. The results of environmental and social impact assessment were presented to stakeholders. Concerns and suggestions made by them have been taken into account in the final report that was submitted to the regulatory authorities who validated it.

Listening and engaging with our stakeholders

MCM engages regularly with stakeholders to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships so they are aware of development and mine impacts.

In order to perform our commitments targeting stakeholders, we intend to contribute to the improvement of sustainable development through their effective involvement in the decision-making with regards to actions that may affect their well-being.

 As such, we carry out a range of engagement activities with host communities and other stakeholders to make sure we prioritize the right initiatives.

  • Our stakeholders are people and groups who are directly or indirectly affected by the development of our mine, and/or who have an interest in the project and the ability to influence its outcome.
  • This includes the following, who we seek to engage through a range of activities:
  • Local communities and their formal and informal representatives
  • National and local government authorities
  • Religious leaders
  • Civil society organizations and groups with special interests
  • The academic community
  • Other businesses
  • The process of stakeholder engagement we follow is set out by the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards (IFC PS) on Environmental and Social Sustainability. The IFC’s guidelines can be read in full here.
  • Our adherence to these standards is driven by our compliance with the relevant Mauritanian regulation as well as the Equator Principles.
  • The key elements of IFC PS and our engagement process with communities are:
    • Disclosure of relevant project information to help affected communities understand the risks, impacts and opportunities of the project.
    • Giving communities opportunities to express their views on the project risks, impacts and mitigation measures, plus matters that affect them directly.
    • Responding to community concerns using an understandable and transparent process that is accessible to all segments of affected communities.
  • The overarching goals are building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships between MCM and our stakeholders and ensuring our stakeholders are fully aware of mine-related developments, impacts and benefits.
  • Our engagement processes are continual throughout the life of the mine. We encourage and promote local involvement, partnership and empowerment.